About Heyelander

Nice to meet you!

My name is Hans Hello and I started Heyelander in 2019 after working in the optical industry for a number of years, where I learned that opticians usually have to pay unreasonably inflated high prices for branded eyewear with at best mediocre quality, and I was convinced this is not necessary. After carefully building the brand and the company for a number of years, establishing a loyal customer base around the world, it was time for my wife Nicole de la Bije, to join our company on January 1st, 2024. We have two grown daughters together, Lela and Dante (you may recognize these names from our collection) who help out in the company or on tradeshows from time to time. This way we keep it ‘in the family’, we keep our overhead low, ensuring the best possible costprice for you as our customer.

We live and work in a small village in the south of the Netherlands, called Wijk en Aalburg. The Heyelander office is located around 600 meters from our home, so we can either walk or bike to work in the morning.


Mission Statement

The mission of Heyelander  is to deliver the highest quality handmade acetate and titanium optical frames to professional opticians and optometrists around the world, at competitive prices.

That is why we do things a bit differently so we can offer opticians a contemporary eyewear collection at very affordable prices, without sacrificing high quality or great service along the way.

High quality only

Our manufacturing plants in Asia are carefully hand-picked based on the high quality output of their production lines, combined with a strict environmental awareness and social agenda benefitting the labor force.

All Heyelander frames are designed in-house and produced of handmade cotton-acetate slates or from grade 9 Japanese Titanium wire rolls. Each finished frame is individually quality controlled before shipment to our warehouse in the Netherlands, thus ensuring a consistent high quality level of all our products.

Vertical Supply Chain Integration

We buy our acetate directly at the source, after handpicking the best acetate manufacterers. We buy the hinges ourselves, as we do our demo-lenses. Then we send these raw materials to the frame manufacturer of choice. This way we are in complete of the so-called BOM-cost (Built of Material) of each and every frame.

Once the finished frames have arrived in our warehouse, we only sell directly to the professional optician through our B-2-B webstore on heyelander.com. We ship daily worldwide using the reliable, affordable and fast DHL Network. This way we don’t have to pay for fancy real estate and country offices. As a consequence, we also don’t use any sales-agents, reps or local distributors, all of which results in an even better price-quality ratio for you.